Everyone knows that when a ghost scares you it says “BOO!” Right? Ghosts are well known around this time of year with Halloween around the corner. One of the most common costumes that goes with the holiday of Halloween, all you need is a old white sheet with a couple of scissors and make some holes for the eyes. Then you can go around saying, “Boo,” to everyone you meet.

Ghosts are one of the earliest associations with Halloween. A tradition dating over three thousand years ago to the ancient Celts in Ireland. There it was believed that All Hallows Eve was the day when all the spirits crossed over. Whether they be good or bad, the spirits would come back to earth for one night only. Just that one night and the ghosts would be back. Whether they were coming to visit or take care of some unfinished business, this is why ghosts are associated with Halloween.

Ghosts are something that many children are afraid of. What I do wonder, is if Halloween is the correct night that they do cross over to Earth one more time. After all, creepy things do happen on Halloween night.


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