Bats, Skeletons, and Spiders

a collection of odd ideas I found Halloween and or wedding related that were neat to pull ideas from :): Bats, skeletons, and spiders are among the most common Halloween decorations. All three of these items all have origins with the start of Halloween. Originally known as Samhain to the ancient Celts in Ireland, many of them made their appearance with traditions that they started.

  • I love old school halloween. Takes me back to when it was all still pretty magical.: Skeletons: The Druids and Celts believed that the skull was the “psychic seat” for the human soul. The rest of the skeleton is associated because it represents the end of a physical life. This is connected with the belief that the dead spirits come back to Earth on Halloween night.
  • Bats: These nocturnal creatures became associated with Samhain with bonfires. The ancient Celts would have bonfires to honor the dead. In doing so, the bonfires would draw in mosquitoes leading bats to come and eat them. Vampires are also said to turn into bats, and as we know vampires are heavily associated with Halloween.
  • Spiders: They represent the cycle of life through the web they weave. Creepy eight legged arachnids, spiders represent life and death when a bug flies into its trap. Not to mention, spiders like the dark, so a abandoned house is where they would be easy to find.

spider haunt tunnel: Bats, skeletons, and spiders all have their origins with some form of folklore. They are well known around the time of Halloween with decor and costumes popping up every where. But, what would Halloween be without them?


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