Trick Or Treat

FREE trick-or-tree halloween party banner for download on pizzazzerie!: Who here went trick or treating as a child? I know I did and I enjoyed getting all the candy afterwards. Of course, my parents did check all of the candy to make sure that it was safe to eat once we got home from a cold night. However, trick or treating is one of the traditions of Halloween that dates back to the Middle Ages. Getting dressed up and going door to door for treats originated in Ireland where people would dress up wearing animal skins on Samhain. Villagers would disguise themselves, like they would with the mask, to make the spirits think they were one of them. When the would dress up they would have bonfires to honor the deceased.

Google Image Result for Moving a few centuries later to the Middle Ages, this became a part of the way of turning down the tradition of Samhain that was considered evil by many Christians. Instead of having people pray to the dead, instead they would go from house to house performing skits and receiving a treat in return. The poor people would visit the houses of the rich and receive pastries. Trick or treating started out as a way of Christianity turning down the the traditions of Samhain, which many of them considered evil. Many Christians today still do not celebrate Halloween given the origins. But, who would have thought that many of the traditions of Halloween would have started with Christians, who even today, considered Halloween the Devils night?


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