Haunted Houses

In the last post about Michael Myers, I talked about how the unstoppable killing machine killed many people in the small town of Haddonfield, Illinois. His first kill was his sister who was in her bedroom. In John Carpenters masterpiece Halloween, we learn that many children believe the house to be haunted. Throughout the rest of the series we learn that the house where Michael Myers made his first kill in is abandoned or impossible to sell all because of what happened. The Myers house is said to be haunted.

halloween haunted house...trick or treating anyone?: Haunted houses go great with the tradition of Halloween that started in the 19th century in London. When Madame Tussaud created an exhibition of wax sculptures of famous people getting their heads cut off during the French Revolution many people in Britain were mortified. This was the year 1802, so many people had probably never seen something like this before. After this, a tradition started to grow around, horror exhibition showing up on Halloween. This tradition really picked up at the start of the 20th century with experimentation of the macabre theme. All over Europe scenes of death that would cause fright became more and more known.

During the Great Depression, haunted houses really did start to take off due to vandals. Many people were ruining the night of Halloween by causing fires and breaking windows. So, people started making scary decorations at their houses as a way to distract these vandals. Groups of families would have house to house parties with their basements being decorated. Haunted houses started off as being a macabre display to a phenomenon in October with the theme of Halloween. In all small towns, there is a house that is thought to be haunted, thus playing on the fear of a haunted house.


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