MM/SKM: Michael Myers

1. Michael Myers Halloween set the precedence for modern-day horror films, and Michael Myers helped provide the prototype for villains to come.  The first Boogeyman character, Myers is a wonderful classic in the horror genre.: My favorite movie serial killer is Michael Myers. The man who killed his sixteen year old sister when he was just six years old happens to break out of an asylum on Halloween night. Acquiring a blank white mask and a black jumpsuit leads everything up to the imagination about what he looks like. Even though we got a glimpse of what he looked like in the original 1978 Halloween by John Carpenter, through out the rest of the series we only see a small glimpse of him. The weapon of choice he uses is a kitchen knife. A simple, yet dangerous weapon, we all have in our house. Other than that we see him use his hands to kill all the others who break the taboo’s of horror movies. One of the great ways that makes Michael Myers scary is his ability to sneak up on people. This is a man who has a regular shape, not like Jason and Frankenstein with bulky bodies. This is a man who’s face is not recognized like Freddy and Dracula. He literally, can walk into a store kill all the staff and the one survivor wouldn’t be able to tell you what he looked liked because he is able to conceal his face. The usage of the mask and the way that Michael Myers hides his face is what makes him one of the most scariest of all.

Halloween (1978) One day someone will write a essay like "The washing on the line - hideout for movie monsters from Michael Meyers to It".: Many questions that were asked through out the first one is why did he decide to chase after one girl in particular to kill. Later in the sequel, we learn that this girl, who is well known baby sitter, is his sister. Once again,Michael Myers sets his eyes on killing another family member. Through out the rest of the original Halloween series we watch as Michael Myers focuses on killing his niece, a nephew, and a great nephew. We learn in one movie that this is because of his association with the a cult known as the cult of the Thorn. Once all of his family members are killed he becomes immortal or something like that. Later on, we learn that he enjoys killing for fun. Michael Myers is, as Doctor Loomis said, evil on two legs. Doctor Loomis, the man who tried to help him out of the darkness at the asylum but couldn’t. The psychiatrist who knew Michael well enough to know that he was heading to his hometown in Haddonfield, Illinois, a small, not real town in the mid west. Of all the places for these murders to happen. A small quiet town where nothing bad really happens, yet Michael Myers changed all of that on Halloween night.

The Night He Came Home: Michael Myers is unstoppable in all of the films that he is portrayed in. He is shown to have super human strength with the inability to die. People shoot at him, set off a bomb, hang him, stab him, and push him off a building, yet he still survives. Even though, this is a fake character, pretty much all of the former horror movie characters have died and come back in some way. Michael doesn’t talk and has no conscious about what he does. He has a one track mind, in order to get to his ultimate goal. The only thing that people can think of about why he kills some of the people is because he enjoys its. Michael Myers is the ultimate, unstoppable killing machine with nothing but rage to kill. Michael Myers is one killer who we do not feel sympathy for because he had a choice. All of the other characters had something bad happen to them in their lives that drove them to kill. Michael Myers chose, even though he was corrupted at a young age, to kill all of those who, at one point, loved him. Michael Myers could have chosen to escape once he saw what he had done to his sister, but he did not. Michael Myers is truly evil for the fact that he decided to kill, instead of say no and escape. John Carpenter brought the man who changed the face of Halloween forever in 1978’s Halloween.


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