Mashed Turnip

With Thanksgiving tomorrow, there are some things that I look forward to. Right next to waking up to the Macy’s Day Parade and family time, there is the food that I don’t eat except for on this day. One of those is mashed turnip, which I have to wonder why. It is one of the easiest things to prepare and set up. 


I medium size turnip

2 cups of water

Peel and chop up turnip. Put in a pot and add the two cups of water. Boil turnip until the turnip is soft. Drain turnip and mash up in pot. Let the turnip cool and enjoy. If the turnip cools too much, then just place in the microwave for five to ten minutes. Enjoy!

You see that easy, I know that many people add butter, sugar, etc to their turnip. In fact, this really doesn’t sound like a recipe when I wrote it. All you need is water and turnip. But, at my house we make it plain and enjoy as is.



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