Rosa Parks

Rosa Parks is known not only for using her freedom of expression, but also helped immensly in the movement of civil rights and African-American equality. Parks was asked to move to the back of the bus where black people were expected to sit, by the whites. When she refused, police became involved, essentially leading to her arrest. She remained anynonymous and did not take credit for this scenario until later in life.:

Sixty years ago today Rosa Parks sat in a bus seat and refused to move. Little did she know that this would catapult her to fame by refusing to move and standing up for herself. She sat their on the bus first with tired feet. At the time, the law in Alabama was written that any black person had to move for a white person on the city bus. There was already segregation by white and black, these laws were unjust and Rosa Parks proved it more that day. By refusing to move she was handcuffed and taken to jail. From there she gained many supporters leading to the Montgomery Boycott lead by Martin Luther King Jr. The boycott was a success in time. None the less, Rosa Parks made a difference in, not just America, but the world when she refused to move from the bus seat.

One thought on “Rosa Parks

  1. belinda o says:

    I’m glad you remembered this. It’s important for all of us, black and white, to note how short a time it’s been since it was legal to discriminate. At least the laws have changed.


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