Where is the Christmas Spirit?

Today,  I went and viewed the Christmas horror movie Krampus. The entire movie is about the loss of the Christmas spirit. Right from the start Krampus goes into detail about how the spirit is already lost. In the opening scene there is a store opening, most likely a door buster on Black Friday, where the people run in and trample over each other. There are the workers in the store who are being run over and knocked off ladders as these people run in and stomp all over them. And why? Just to get the newest and hippest thing half off? Where is the spirit of Christmas through out this movie?

The Christmas spirit is gone from this movie, specifically for a boy named Max. When we are introduced to Max we see him in a fight with a boy in his class during a Christmas pageant his class has put on. We watch as his parents rush in and pull him off the ground as his sister just stands there taking a video of the entire thing. When we watch throughout the film we see as his entire faith in Christmas go further and further away once his family from out of town arrives.

Krampus Movie Poster | The film will be released on December 4, 2015. | : Teaser Trailer: Before the family arrived we see Max spend time with his grandmother, who lives with the family. They are baking cookies as Max writes his letter to Santa. Any form of hope Max had left in Christmas gets destroyed when his two cousins take the letter and read it over dinner. They taunt him with the words that he has concerns for his family, no gifts are on his list what so ever. Right after the letter is read Max fights with his cousins and goes to bed. Later on he rips up the letter and throws it out the window. This leads to Krampus being summoned for the loss of the Christmas spirit.

Krampus Movie: Now, back to the loss of the Christmas spirit. The events that lead up to Krampus “visiting” Max and his family shows everything that is wrong with commercialization this time of year. Before Krampus arrives there are the comments from family members about what is wrong with the dinner that was cooked. Max’s mom Sarah worked hard on the meal to feed all of them. Yet she gets insulted by most of the family. Having to deal with family around the holiday’s is not an easy thing to do. Yet, family is something that none of us can live without. The Christmas spirit gets lost in this family because they are focusing on what they want rather than what they have. As shown in the opening scene by the thousands of people clamoring to get into the store to get all of the stuff on the shelves.

Krampus Wreath Ornament Gold by WitchfindersGenStore on Etsy, $30.00: Around this time of year the Christmas spirit is something that remains around us. We talk about what we hope to get on Christmas morning, while donating to people who are less fortunate to make their Christmas happy. There is a sense of loss for the Christmas spirit in Krampus. The spirit of Christmas is something that must not be lost around  this time of year.



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