Hanukkah Around the World

Wisteria - Holiday - Holiday Decor - Trim a Tree -  Hanukkah Ornaments - Set of 4 - $29.00: There are many people around the world who observe the Jewish holiday of Hanukkah. While many of the customs remain the same, in some countries they have their own traditions.

  • 8 Fascinating facts about #Hanukkah {#Infographic}: In the Alsace region of France there is a double decker menorah so father and son an light a candle together.
  • In Morrocco, Algeria, parts of India, and Jerusalem it is customary to put the menorah in an area where it can be seen from the window. It is also customary to hang a menorah on a hook by the doorway.
  • In Yemenite and Northern African Jewish communities the seventh night of Hanukkah is set aside as a women’s holiday to commemorate Hannah. It is believed that Hannah sacrificed seven sons instead of giving into the pressure by the Greeks to abandon the Jewish practice. Also, in honor of Judith whose seduction and assassination of Holofernes, and Assyrian emperor, lead to a Jewish victory.
  • In several countries it is custom to give handmade gifts at Hanukkah. In Uganda it is custom to give handmade necklaces, challah covers in Ghana, and kippot from China.
  • Santa Marta, Colombia they have fried Patacones or fried plantains instead of Latkes.

Happy Hanukkah Card by Alps View Art on Creative Market: Several countries have different Jewish communities around the world have their own Hanukkah traditions. Each tradition is honored with remembering the Maccabees fight to keep their religion and traditions for many generations to come.


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