Nanjing Massacre Anniversary

Many of us know about the mass murders that took place during the Nazi Germany occupation of Poland, Belgium, France and other countries they took over. What many of us don’ learn about is the brutal Nanjing Massacre that took place 78 years ago during the second Sino-Japanese War. After the Battle of Nanjing, the Japanese soldiers began rape, shoot, and torture the innocent citizens of this city is remembered. Learning about the horrors of the Nanjing Massacre horrified me. There were people who were buried alive, elderly women and young girls who were raped until they bled to death, and a contest to see who could decapitate the most people at one time. The Nanjing Massacre is something that must not be denied and learned about. Unfortunately, many people over look the Nanjing Massacre. However, I feel that this massacre must be remembered. It is believed that 300,000 people died. There are many pictures of this horrific ordeal, many of  them are to brutal to be shown.

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