The Battle of the Bulge

117th Infantry North Carolina NG at St. Vith 1945.jpg

Today 70 years ago the Battle of the Bulge took place. This is a battle that is well known. However, some people do not know the significance of this historic battle. After the Allies, had invaded Europe, Adolf Hitler launched a major offensive against them. The Americans were moving close to Berlin with impressive speed and Hitler need to stop them.

In the forest of the Ardennes forest of Belgium, this battle began. The Allies were pushed back with many casualties. This battle was a sneak attack because the Germans were able to sneak in undetected. Dressed in Allied army uniforms, some German soldiers were able to obtain information beforehand. This gave the Germans valuable information. During the battle some of them were caught, admitting their goal was to kill the generals. This lead to their being mistrust among the soldiers. This battle would rage on until General Patten came with his troops to stop the Nazis.

The Battle of the Bulge would last longer than a month. Hitler’s Nazis were able to pull of the surprise of the war. The Allies were able to pursue and accomplish winning the war. The Battle of the Bulge cost the lives of 89.500 Americans and 1,408 Britons.

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