Yule Boar

A great look at the calendar of holiday events... before commercialism pushed it back to October! ;): This time the animal associated with Yule is eaten. Commonly known as a Christmas ham today, the Yule Boar is said to have Germanic traditions as a tribute to the god Freyr. As time went on the traditions with the god Freyr became related to St. Stephen in Scandinavia, Sweden, and England. In some old Swedish art, Stephen is shown to be tending horses and bring a boars head to a Yuletide feast.

The Boar's Head Carol: Today, the Boar’s Head Feast is still a common tradition. With theroots to paganism and Yule, this feast has traditions that are authentic to the 14th century. Taking place primarily in England, the feast takes place during the Twelve Days of Christmas and a homemade meal with mince pies and plum pudding. Occasionally, a hogs head is used to represent the boar. Several different churches across America participate in the tradition of the Boar’s Head Feast in their own ways. The head is roasted and garnished, but not eaten. The Boar’s Head Feast is considered the oldest continuing festival of the Christmas season.

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