Yule Log

Yule Log Walk As you walk along, looking for that special Yule log to place in your hearth. Oak, Ash and Cedar make the best Yule log, flat on one side so that it won’t roll. Also look for natural decorations for each member of the family: Ivy, mistletoe, (be mindful that mistletoe, pinecones, nuts, holly, etc.: Pretty much everyone knows about the Yule Log. A special decorated log that is burned on the hearth as part of a Christmas tradition. The log comes as part of a tree that is specially chosen. The largest part of the log is placed in the hearth. While the rest of the tree is placed in the house. Although, the origin of the yule log is unclear, it is believed the Yule Log originated from Germanic paganism. Today, the Yule Log tradition is all over Europe with different types of trees chosen. Some people use ashes instead of  Yule Log. None the less, the tradition of the Yule Log is still around today.


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