Santa Claus

Vintage Greeting Card Christmas Santa Claus Sleigh Cheerio! v197: Right now children around the world are preparing for the annual visit from Santa Claus. The jolly elf who dresses in a red suit and deliver presents to children on Christmas Eve. There are many different origins from where Santa Claus came from. Such as Germanic paganism with the god Odin. Today many people believe the origin of Santa Claus to be Saint Nicholas. The man who is believed to have partaken in secret gift giving. Commonly, called Saint Nick due to the poem “The Night Before Christmas,” the tradition of Santa Clause started long ago.

Do you know the names of Santa around the World? Before he was checking his list twice deciding who was good and bad. Santa Claus made his debut on Christmas Eve in the poem, “A Visit from Saint Nicholas.” Written by a pastor who was ashamed of what would people would think of the poem, Clement Clarke Moore published it anonymous. Little did he know that this poem would go on to be a hit with the children.

Soon children every where started preparing for a visit from Saint Nicholas. Children already had an image in their mind of what Saint Nicholas looked like because of an illustration that went along with the poem. Clement Moore’s poem would become known as “The Night Before Christams.”As time went on the name St. Nicholas went out and Santa Claus came in taking the name from the Dutch character.

VICTORIAN CHRISTMAS Postcard: There was Santa Claus around in many different religions and practices before Clement Moore’s poem became published. But, what made him popular for Christmas Eve was a poem. Santa Claus is a legend that will live on for future generations to enjoy.

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