The Nutcracker

The Nutcracker Ballet...THE BEST VERSION!!! I use to own this movie when I was little but I can no longer find it...I'd love to find it and purchase it again to have a copy for my future daughter to watch during Chrismas like I use 2.: Christmas just does not seem the same without watching The Nutcracker Ballet. Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky composed this masterpiece about a little girls Christmas Eve trip to a magical candy land. Clara, sometimes called Marie, is the heroine of this story after receiving a nutcracker from Herr Drosselmeyer at a Christmas party at her parents house. This elderly, yet eccentric toy maker, is Clara’s godfather. He gives her the cherished nutcracker after entertaining some of the children at the party with his life like toys.

From The Nutcracker::Clara asleep with her nutcracker in hand as the Mouse King peers from behind the tree.: Once Clara has the nutcracker her jealous brother Fritz breaks the jaw. Angry and frustrated, Clara is told that he will be fine. Once the party is over and everyone is off to bed, Clara goes back downstairs to be with the nutcracker. There everything starts to change, she shrinks and rats come out of no where. Trying to capture the nutcracker, who is really a prince, they almost succeed until Clara throws her slipper and kills the rat king.

Natasha Oughtred as Sugar Plum Fairy and Jamie Bond as the Prince in The Birmingham Royal Ballet’s 2009 production of "The Nutcracker".: From there Clara is taken to the magical land with the Nutcracker Prince who tells everyone what happened. Clara is introduced to a banquet complete with dances with the names of many different treats. All of this leads up to the dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy. Probably, the most well known dance, the Sugar Plum Fairy gives Clara the final farewell before she returns home.

Graphic 45 - Nutcracker Sweet. Enter a whimsical world of childlike delight with a gorgeous new holiday collection by Graphic 45! Introducing The Nutcracker Sweet, a dazzling new collection inspired by the classic ballet that is sure to warm your heart and enliven your imagination. You'll be whisked away on an enchanting journey of Christmas bliss, accompanied by all your favorite characters: Clara, the Sugar Plum Fairy, the Mouse King, and the Nutcracker Prince!: Once Clara returns home, she wakes up wondering if it all was a dream or no. Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky created a Christmas classic with this ballet through a magical land. One of my favorites to enjoy at Christmas time because there is Christmas magic. The Nutcracker is a ballet that I hope many in the future will enjoy for years to come.


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