Notting Hill

I don't particularly like Hugh Grant as an actor but there is something about this movie that keeps pulling me back.  I enjoy the soundtrack, as well.: The first movie post of the year that I will do is based on a movie that I just finished watching. Notting Hill is a romantic comedy starring Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant. Julia portrays the worlds most famous actress Anna Scott, while Hugh Grant is William Thacker, a bookish store owner. The two meet by chance when Anna is filming a movie near William’s home. As the movie goes on Anna discusses with Will how the press has been invading her life for quite some time.

At one point in the film Anna is sitting at a dinner table where she reveals that she can’t go for a day without seeing her face in the paper. She talks about how she is on a diet because of the demands of Hollywood. She tells the people at the table that every time she gets her heart broken it ends up all over the press. There is no privacy for Anna Scott because everyone wants to know everything about her. While she does have a boyfriend, Anna starts to fall for Will.

The only problem is the moment they fall for each other, Will wakes up to the press on his doorstep with Anna inside. Believing that Will has betrayed her, Anna leaves without a word. As time goes on Anna returns after realizing that the press storm was not Wills fault.

As I watched this romantic comedy, I began to think about how the media does treat celebrities. When Anna is talking about how the media smears her name on a daily basis makes me think about privacy. In the past I have done posts on celebrities and the privacy they deserve. Yet, in this film there is no privacy left for Anna. Will is able to escape the media, but Anna gets dragged through the media because she is famous. She has a job that she loves. Yet, she gets punished on a daily basis for it. In the end, Notting Hill is a great movie with a glimpse into how hard privacy is to find.


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