The Patriot

The Patriot Movie - a 2000 historical action drama starring Mel Gibson, Heath Ledger and Joely Richardson. It tells the story of a peaceful farmer, Benjamin Martin, who is driven to lead the Colonial Militia during the American Revolution when a sadistic British officer murders his son. Incredible Cinematography! (PG-15): On January third, 1777 George Washington defeated Lord Charles Cornwallis. This name may sound familiar to you because it is the name of a character in a movie. The 2000 movie The Patriot, is about a man named Benjamin Martin who is thrust into the American Revolution once his son is killed. Cornwallis is in charge of the British Dragoons in South Carolina. Once the dragoons threaten the lives of Martin and his family, he heads off to join the fight for independence.

Even though, Cornwallis is a minor character in this film, his prescence remains. He is said to know more about war than anyone around him. Highly disapproving of Colonel William Tavington tactics of killing all in his way, Cornwallis gives into him after being humiliated by Martin. In the end, the story of Benjamin Martin and the trials the patriots had to face in order to secure independence for the colonies is evident. Although the film is somewhat historically inaccurate, The Patriot serves as a reminder for why we have the freedoms we have today.


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