The Birds

The Birds original poster.jpgToday is National Bird Day, here in the United States. Birds are something that I envy for they have the ability to fly. Beautiful and serene, they are a site to be seen from all places. Even though they do tend to make a mess from time to time, birds are always a site to look at.

That is unless you are in an Alfred Hitchcock movie. When The Birds premiered in 1963, we were introduced to the true terror they can bring. This classic thriller shows birds such as crows and seagulls going against their nature and attacking people. Swarms of them descend on Bodega Bay where children are attacked heading home from school, ruining a birthday party, and finally killing them. The real question is why are the birds doing it now? Will their ever be an answer? The Birds is gripping and terrifying just to think of what birds could do if they work together to destroy man kind. Once you see The Birds, you might not look at birds the same way again.


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