The Giver

1. Author Lois Lowry was inspired to write The Giver because of her late father’s illness. | 10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About “The Giver”: The Giver is a 2014 movie based off of the popular children’s novel by Lois Lowry. The story of Jonas who is a twelve year old boy who is given a very important job as the receiver of memories. The movie tends to stray a little bit from the original story. For example, Jonas’s age is changed to eighteen and they go into more details about the life of those around him.

Jonas is just a young boy who is comfortable in the life that he is currently living. Yet, he sees the world a little differently than all of the people around him. Talking about his feelings with his family, he worries about the job that he will get. Later on Jonas, receives the job as receiver of memories. He learns through the receiver the meaning of joy and hears music for the first time. Jonas begins to enjoy his time with the receiver, that is until he learns about war and pain. Stunned he runs home, only to discover the younger brother whom his parents adopted intend on “releasing” him. Learning that releasing is another form of killing, Jonas takes his brother and runs for it.

Now you are probably wondering why I chose to write about The Giver today. Reading about the Four Freedoms speech given by Franklin D. Roosevelt reminded me of this movie. In the world that Jonas grew up in has no freedom around them. They are all trained from birth to take medications and follow in the rules that are bestowed upon them. Freedom is something that Jonas does not discover until he starts having meetings with the giver. Freedom is something that we all to often take for granted.

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