Le Voyage dans la Lune

One year ago today, the terrible terrorist attacks at Charlie Hebdo happened in Paris, France. The horror that resulted in twelve people dead reminded the rest of the world ofLe voyage dans la Lune. The film is loosley based on on two popular novels of the time: From the Earth to the Moon by Jules Verne and The First Men in the Moon by H. G. Wells.:  the importance of free speech. In honor of the Charlie Hebdo anniversary, I have decided to do a post on one of the most influential films of all time that is French.
Le Voyage dans la Lune is quite a remarkable French film. The sci-fi classic is known as a Trip to the Moon in English inspired many movies of today. In 1902, this epic film eighteen minute film made its debut. The story of a scientist, Professor Barbenfouillis gathers the equipment to make a voyage to the moon.

Le Voyage dans la Lune  (1902)   Georges Mèliés  #Cine #vintage: Now remember, this is the year 1902 no one really knows what is out there beyond Earth. There are some theories, but in this film there are moon people who kidnap Barbenfouillis and his crew. Later on they escape. From there they return to Earth to fanfare and honoring. Even though this is a short synopsis, Le Voyage dans la Lune remains a classic for its ground breaking techniques.

Georges Méliès directed and starred in this movie. Considered a pioneering visionary in the world of film. In this film, there were techniques that are known today that are not. For example, the popular picture of the spaceship in the moon. This special effect was something new and unheard of. Georges Méliès 18 minute film is fantastic to watch. Using the materials of his time, there Le Voyage dans la Lune is an inspiring classic that will go down in history.

5 thoughts on “Le Voyage dans la Lune

  1. Catherine says:

    Having family in Paris is cause to stop and think not only today, but many, many days. There’s so much more I could say, but I’ve been thinking of a special person so close to me, my second mother, who passed away in October. Her funeral was my last and most recent visit to Paris. Anyway—I’ve seen “Trip to the Moon” a great number of times and it never ceases to fascinate me. It is a charming and sweet film and I’m very glad you posted this. It is a gentle reminder that I need to see it again. Merci!

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