There’s No Business Like Show Business

There's No Business Like Show Business movie poster.jpgThere’s no business like show business is a phrase that probably everyone in the world has heard. Many people know it through the classic song by Irving Berlin. In the year, 1954 Ethel Merman lead the cast in the hit movie There’s No Business Like Show Business. Along side, Marilyn Monroe and Donald O’Connor, they show the world that there really is no business like the show business.

Taking place in the year 1919, a family of vaudeville performers join an act. Going with the use of their last name Donahue, they soon rise to becoming a well known troop. However, one night after the family returns home from a show their lives start to change. Tim, the eldest son meets Victoria at a night club and asks her to join them. Katy, the only daughter starts dating a man. While the youngest son, Steve decides he wants to become a priest. The parents, Terence and Molly (Merman) soon see their popular show fading fast with the family going in their separate directions. Through tragedy and change, the Donahue family are able to enjoy the life they have while sticking to what they know.

Ethel Merman was born on this day in 1908. Although, she is one of the lesser known actresses, there are many films that she has been in. She was quite the actress and performer of her day. None the less, she left her mark in Hollywood with Molly Donahue being one of them.


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