Selma (2013)

Checkout the movie 'Selma' on Christian Film Database: Most everyone has today off in honor of Martin Luther King Jr., the civil rights leader who pioneered a country into equality. The events of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s life is reflected in the movie Selma. In 2014, this movie made its debut in theaters across America reminding people about the man who Martin Luther King Jr. was before he was assassinated.

Through out this cinema triumph there is the reminder of why our country is the way that it is today. The story starts out with four girls being killed in a bombing at a church. All of the events that lead up to Martin Luther king leading a march across the Edmund J. Pettus bridge is about the right to vote. They show the seen where Annie Lee Cooper as she attempted to register to vote. She was turned away due to segregation laws. From there on we see Martin Luther King talking with the President of the United States and encouraging others to stand by him. All the work that Martin Luther King Jr. put into making America a country that he dreamed of paid off. At the end of the film they show him accepting the Nobel Peace Prize showing that anything is possible.

Martin Luther King Jr. was brilliantly portrayed by David Oyelowo encompassing all of the things that Dr. King stood for. Selma is a triumph in showing that one man can change the world.

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