Annie (1982)

Annie-film.jpgMost everyone has heard of Little Orphan Annie, the red headed spunky orphan who went from rags to riches. This popular comic strip was drawn by Harold Gray in 1924, who was born on this day in 1894, became a house hold book for children. Kids all across America enjoyed reading about Annie and her adventures with Daddy Warbucks.

The movie is no different. In 1982, Aileen Quinn portrayed the red headed orphan living in an orphanage under the cruel rule of Miss Hannigan. When Annie gets the opportunity of a life time to spend a week at Daddy Warbucks she is ecstatic. Quickly winning over the hearts of everyone in the household, Daddy Warbucks announces his intention to adopt her. But, Annie is anxiously awaiting the return of her parent whom she believes to be alive. A nationwide search is launched for Annie’s parents with a cash reward. However, when Miss Hannigan and her devious brother and girlfriend get wind of everything they devise a plan to kidnap Annie for all she is worth.

Annie is a classic to me. The songs and dancing are timeless throughout this 1982 feature. Annie shows everyone that there is such a thing as tomorrow coming, even if it is a day away. There is, almost, never a dull moment in Annie’s life from beginning to end.


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