Intolerance (1916)

Intolerance (1916): One of the most influential directors of all time, D.W. Griffiths was born on this day back in 1875. Called the “Inventor of Hollywood” he invented techniques that pioneered film into what it is today. His most famous film is the controversial epic Birth of a Nation. This vile, racist, and boring movie is what lead Griffith to fame. However, it is believed that after the release of this film Griffith saw the error of his ways in making this movie leading him to direct and produce Intolerance in 1916. This movie follows 2,500 years in love stories through out the ages.

The main basis of Intolerance stars Lillian Gish as Eternal Motherhood. Every time you see her rocking the cradle they are changing the time period. Starting in Babylonian, delving into the Biblical era, to the French Renaissance, leading all the way to, what was then, the modern era in Americana. Each love story follows many religious sects of people who cannot see past their own hate to what is right in front of them. In each story there is a sin that has been committed leading up to tragic events for everyone who is close to that character. There is tragedy and triumph in Intolerance showing that there are many good things that can come out of something horrible. Yet, they are stories of morality that show actions have consequences, even though some of our actions are for the greater good.

Intolerance came out in 1916 showcasing the talents D.W. Griffith had as a film maker. Through out his career in film, Griffiths invented film techniques that would lead film to where it is today. To me, Intolerance is proof that Griffiths is one of the greatest filmmaker of all time.


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