The Greatest Show on Earth (1952)

A lot of people have heard of the next film by it’s title. The Greatest Show on Earth is a triumph by Cecil B. DeMille who passed away on January 21, 1959, directed and produced this movie. Although, this movie won the Academy Award for Best Picture, it has been criticized as being undeserving of it. There are many well known actors from this film that many people have heard of. Charlton Heston portrays a no nonsense business man who becomes hooked up with the Ringling Brothers Circus. Bringing the cast of the circus to fame, he learns a few things from those around him.

When Brad Braden takes on the role of becoming the manager to the circus he faces opposition by many of the performers. There he meets the popular acrobats Holly and Sebastian. The two are known for performing death defying tricks. While there are the clowns, Buttons (portrayed by James Stewart) who comes off as the leader of them. Braden learns that there is competition and thievery going in within the troupe. Romantic rivals lead to record breaking stunts with terrible results. Many of the performers enjoy each others company they take the fame from being known as the greatest show on earth a little to far. There is not much Brad Braden can do once things start to go out of control.

Cecil B DeMille portrayed what life must have been like traveling on the road in this classic. There is much to be learned from the circus performers and their lives behind the scenes. There is much more to this story than a troupe of performers when we go behind the scenes.


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