Father of the Bride

FatheroftheBride1950.jpgThe popular tune the Wedding March by Felix Mendelsson is now known throughout the world. This famous tune became popular after the it was played on January 25th at the wedding of Queen Victoria’s granddaughter Victoria to Friedrich of Russia. This common tune was played many times in the 1950 comedy classic Father of the Bride. Starring Spencer Tracy as the father and Elizabeth Taylor as his daughter, this movie has a comedic twist on what goes through the father of the brides mind before the big day.

The Father of the Bride starts off with Stanley T. Banks (Tracey) remarking on the three months leading up to his daughter Kay’s (Taylor) wedding. He talks about how she found the right man to marry, but he also talks about his doubts. His wife, Ellie (Joan Bennett) immediately begins making preparations for her daughters big day. After meeting the parents of the groom, things start to go better for Stanley. That is until, the engagement party when he realizes that his idea for a small wedding has been swept under the rug. All of this starts to take a toll on Stanley with the added fact that his daughter is getting married. Right when the big day is about to arrive, Kay and her fiancee get into a disagreement. Temporarily, calling off the wedding she finally gets back together with him after realizing how much she loves him. The day comes and everything goes off without a comedic hitch.

This movie has gone on to become a popular remake and parodied throughout popular culture. Father of the Bride is a film that came out in the year 1950 with a funny twist on how a wedding can be a little big deal. Spencer Tracey portrays a overthinking father who is overtly worried about his daughter Kay. Father of the Bride is a must see movie.


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