Around the World in 80 Days

A hot air ballon, in it a man wearing a top hat is holding the arm of another suited man who is hanging over the edge of the basket.Most people have never heard of Nellie Bly. I recently heard about her today when I learned that she had inspired Jules Vernes Around the World in 80 Days. Why, you may ask. Well, she managed to travel around the world in just seventy-two days. An inspiring journalist and activist, Nellie Bly managed to help inspire one of the most beloved books that was turned into a 1956 Academy Award winning picture. In this version of Around the World in 80 Days stars David Niven as Phileas Fogg who claims he can achieve this challenge.

Not many people thought of Phileas Fogg, until he really did take on the challenge for twenty thousand pounds. As he goes around the world he learns more about the cultures around the world. He donates money and gains the respect of many of those of whom he has visited. Traveling by hot air balloon, Fogg starts to wonder if he will be able to accomplish and win the wager. Once he lands in Liverpool he finds himself being arrested, but will he be released in time to accomplish his mission?

Ultimately, Around the World in 80 Days is an inspiring story about taking time to accomplish your dreams. Although, Phileas Fogg came across this by accident, he was able to learn a few things on his way around the world. An inspiring story that came from a woman, Nellie Bly, who managed to go travel the world in just seventy two days.


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