Finding Nemo

Finding Nemo.jpgof my favorite talk show hosts celebrates her birthday today! Ellen DeGeneres is an inspiring and comic woman who has been inspiring many people throughout the years she has been in show business. Today is not just Ellen’s birthday, but Australia Day. The day that celebrates the founding of the continent and country of Australia. Both of these events have inspired me to do a post on Finding Nemo. The 2003 Disney/Pixar classic stars Ellen DeGeneres as Dory and takes place in the ocean right outside of Sydney, Australia.

Finding Nemo follows the adventure of a not-so-funny clown fish called Marlin who is over protective of his only son Nemo. His mate, Coral was killed by a barracuda as well as the rest of their eggs. Nemo goes off to school one day only to be taken by a group of divers. Marlin takes off after the divers only to lose sight of the boat that had taken his son. On his way he runs into Dory (DeGeneres) a forgetful regal blue tang who helps him on his journey. From there, the two encounter vegetarian sharks, surfer turtles, and the deep blue sea.

Meanwhile, Nemo is taken to a dentist office that is owned by the diver who took him off the reef. Eventually, growing close with the rest of the fish in the tank, he learns that his father is on his way to get him. But, time for Nemo is shortened, when he learns that the dentist’s fish menacing niece is meant to receive him for a birthday present. Nemo and the rest of the fish work on getting out of the tank and into the ocean.

Finding Nemo came out as a family film in 2003. This film is filled with tears and laughter following a father and son relationship. Marlin and Dory are able to form a bond as friends with Marlin learning a thing or two about letting his son grow up. Finding Nemo, to me, is a must see film with many one liners that I still hear from time to time from other people around me.


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