Sound of Music

Poster with an illustration of actress Julie Andrews dancing in the mountains“The hills are alive with the sound of music” is one of the most commonly heard lyrics in movie history. Starring Julie Andrews as Maria von Trapp, this movie chronicles the von Trapp family singers. On January 26, 1905 Maria was brought into this world. She would assist in leading a family of singers to fame that would inspire a musical.

Most of us know how The Sound of Music starts, with Maria singing in the hills. A young nun in training Maria lacks the discipline that her fellow nuns have. Maria is sent to be a governess for Captain von Trapp’s seven children. After getting off to a shaky start with the rest of the children, they all grow to love her. Through music and dance, the children start to look to Maria as a mother rather than a governess. As time goes on we learn that Captain von Trapp is engaged to be married, but Maria realizes she has feelings for him and leaves. Later she comes back to the von Trapp family to be welcomed back with open arms and the heart of the Captain. However, the family’s happy life is soon disrupted by Hitler and his Nazis taking over their beloved home country of Austria. Deciding to leave under the darkness of night, the family pulls through together to make sure that they are able to live in the world that they were brought up in.

The Sound of Music is a classic that has been parodied and inspiring ever since its release in 1965. Sticking to the original song and lyrics by the epic Rodgers and Hammerstein and brilliantly directed by Robert Wise, this movie has become a family classic. This movie is one that many have seen and fallen in love with, just as Maria fell in love with Captain von Trapp.



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