Flowers in the Attic

FlowersInTheAttic2014.jpgThe Lifetime movie Flowers in the Attic is based off of the V.C. Andrews novel by the same name. Although, a television movie, this is a good one, despite what other people have said. One of the stars of Flowers in the Attic is Heather Graham, who today turns forty-six. Starring as a desperate widow to help out her four children, she sets out to her parents house in Virginia. Unbeknownst to her four children, her family is one of the richest and cruelest in all of Virginia. The journey she is about to embark on with them would soon turn into a nightmare.

The movie is narrated by Corrine Foxworth (Graham’s) daughter Cathy (Kiernan Shipka). Cathy explains about how she and her family live a picturesque life in Pennsylvania in the 1950’s. Carrying the name Dollanganger, they are said to be perfect in every aspect of their appearance and health. One day things take a turn for the worse when Mr. Dollanganger is killed in a car accident. Life changes drastically for Cathy, her older brother Christopher, and younger twins Carrie and Cory. One day Corrine surprises her children when she tells them that she is taking them to Virginia to live with her family. Telling them very little, they set off in the middle of the night.

Once Cathy and her siblings get to her grandparents mansion, she learns that they are far from welcome. Learning that there is a clause in the grandfathers will that will prevent Corinne from inheriting all the wealth due to her having children with her husband, they are kept hidden. Living in an attic for a little bit is what is planned for Cathy and her siblings. But, soon the days turn into weeks, eventually they reach two years. Corrine has become more distant from her children with every move that she makes. Learning that their mother has changed, Cathy and Chris must make a decision before their mother, whom they now call by her given name, makes a deadly move for all of them.

Flowers in the Attic came out to mixed reviews by some. But, to me this movie was a great adaptation of a classic book. With Heather Graham going from a loving and caring to a vindictive mother, we see how twisted things go for the children in the attic. Heather Graham was magnificent as the mother who would abandon all who she loved for what she wants.


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