Book Challenge #1: The Circle

The Circle (Dave Eggers novel - cover art).jpgFor the 2016 Reading Challenge, I chose to do David Eggers novel The Circle for the future section. Although, this book does not take place in the future, it does have an eerie way of prediction bad things that could come from technology that we depend on. The book follows Mae Holland, a young college graduate who finds herself lucky enough to have a job at The Circle, one of the most powerful internet companies.

Impressed by what they are offering things start to change when Mae starts to become successful. The more higher up she becomes the sooner she learns the deepest secret her company has been keeping from the rest of the world. Not one to give away spoilers, I will leave you with that much information.

The Circle does bring us into the future with the idea of what could happen if technology gets the better of us. The company is run by three mysterious people called “The Wise Men” who we never see until the time is right. None the less, this book shows us what can happen if we get to far ahead of ourselves with technology that could lead to the destruction of trust, loyalty, and what we hold dear.


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