42 (2013 film)

42 film poster.jpgJackie Robinson broke the race barrier in baseball when he was signed to the Brooklyn Dodgers. Before this, the idea of their being a black man in the major league was unheard of. But, Jackie Robinson managed to make that happen. On this day, Jackie Robinson was brought into this world unknowing that his destiny would help break down race barriers in the year 1947. The events of him getting into major league baseball is chronicled in the 2013 film 42. The name representing the number that Robinson wore brings us back in time to when baseball was separate and unequal.

The movie starts out with Robinson signing to the Brooklyn Dodgers under the guise of manager Branch Rickey. From  here we are brought back a couple of years to when Robinson was just starting out. They show Jackie and his first team the Kansas City Monarchs struggling to get their bus filled with gas because of the attendants refusing to help them out. As the film goes on we are taken to Robinson in spring training after he has received an offer from the Brooklyn Dodgers. We are shown the trials that he faced as the only black man on the team. Yet, we are shown the comradeship he was able to receive from those around him. There are many fights between the managers and the team members from other teams who complain about him. None the less, he is shown to be on the outfield. One of his teammates, Pee Wee Reese, realizes the struggle that Robinson faces on a daily basis and stands in solidarity with him silencing an angry crowd. After this we are shown Robinson still struggling with racism, yet he still perseveres and goes on with his team to win the World Series.

Jackie Robinson was able to have a story that reminds us that one man can change the world. He did so in America when he willingly signed to the Brooklyn Dodgers. Although, he may have been a little reluctant, there were people who were beside him encouraging him along the way. All of this helped pave the way for integration in the coming years. 42 is a great movie to remind us of how far we have come from segregation.


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