The Misfits (1960)

Misfits3423.jpgClark Gable is one of the most well known actors of all time. The man who brought many characters to life who have inspired generations of actors in their portrayals of characters. In the 1960’s movie The Misfits, Gable stars along side Marilyn Monroe and Montgomery Clift. In this western, we are introduced to a divorced woman and what she learns from spending time with a couple of cowboys.

The movie starts out with Roslyn (Monroe) getting a quick divorce. The thirty year old is looking for something more in life from her inattentive husband. While out on the town with her friend she meets Gaylord (Gable) who invites her out to Reno, Nevada. Along, with his friend trucker friend, the two travel all the way to Reno after a night of drinking and dancing. From there they Roslyn and Gay move into a unfinished house owned by the trucker. However, they decide to leave when their friends return. After that they go to the rodeo and meet an old friend of Gay’s, Perce (Clift) who is on his way to a rodeo. But, before they go there is another night of drinking heavily. Soon, they head out to Daytona where they hope to achieve everything they dreamed of through an adventure. Unfortunately, this adventure is not without danger around the corner, with thieves and killers who know what they want.

The Misfits was Clark Gable’s final films. I know it seems weird that I am doing this post on the day that he would have been celebrating his birthday. None the less, many have claimed that this movie contains one of Gables finest performances in his career. A legend that went out with a movie where he shined strongly.


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