An American in Paris

An American in Paris poster.jpgGene Kelly was quite the actor, dancer, and singer. He left behind a legacy when he passed away on February 2nd, 1996 with many people imitating and parodying his art. One of his finest performances was in An American in Paris. In 1951, Gene Kelly and Leslie Caron delighted audiences across the world in this fun and entertaining musical.

The film follows the life of World War II veteran Jerry Mulligan (Kelly) who is trying to make it in Paris as a painter. He becomes friends with a struggling piano player as he heads out to sell his art on the street. Soon, a lonely heiress sees Mulligan selling his art on the street and takes an interest in him. From there he is invited out to a party which turns out to be a one on one date with the heiress. However, after the date they go to a crowded bar where he meets Lise (Caron). Instead of hanging out with the heiress, he spends his time getting to know Lise. Although, his meeting with Lise is to get away from the heiress, he decides he wants to get to know her the next day. After calling her at work, she tells him that she can no longer see him. Jerry starts getting offers to have an art exhibition with his works. But, with the heiress and Lise having an interest in him, he struggles with who he will choose at the end of the day.

An American in Paris is a classic that came out in the year 1951 with Gene Kelly. His performance is an inspiring one with their being many quirks and laughs along the way. Gene Kelly gave one of his finest and most well known performances in this film. He is still remembered today for his dancing, singing, and acting that has entertained many people then and now.


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