Now, Voyager

NowVoyagerPoster.jpgMany of us use paper money as a form of currency. On this day in Massachusetts, the first paper money was issued in America in the year 1690. Paper money in America are called dollars, while other countries have names like pound and euro. Some of you are probably wondering what the 1942 classic film, Now, Voyager has to do with this. Simple, the movie takes place in Boston, Massachusetts. Starring Bette Davis and Paul Henreid, this romantic drama follows the love life of a lonely woman.

We start out by learning that Charlotte Vale (Davis) lives under her dictatorial mother. Overweight and unattractive, she suffers severe abuse from her mother on a daily basis. Until her sister fears she is going to have a nervous breakdown, she is set under the care of a psychiatrist. From there she was able to make a connection with Jeremiah (Henreid) while aboard a ship on the way to Rio de Janeiro. The two have a friendship that blossoms from when she learns that he is in a loveless marriage and stays only for his daughter. When the two return from their voyage on the ship, Charlotte finds out that her mother is out to destroy her life, again. After deciding to no longer see Jeremiah anymore, Charlotte becomes engaged to a wealthy man. Only for this to be a short engagement when her mother has a heart attack leading her back into a sanitarium. However, the daughter of Jeremiah comes to visit her one day and the two form a friendly bond. What will this lead to?

Now, Voyager is quite the interesting love story between two people. There is much that happens in the life of Charlotte Vale with growing out from under the power of a dominant mother. All of this takes place, mainly, in Boston. The capital of Massachusetts, the state where the first paper money was issued in America.

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