Rear Window

Rear Window film poster.jpgMany people probably have never heard of Thelma Ritter. In her lifetime, Ritter portrayed many comedic characters throughout her career as an actress. Adding a bit of comedy relief to each movie filled with dramatic tension. In the thriller Rear Window, we are introduced to a photographer who is home bound after an accident. Ritter stars as his home care nurse, who makes sure he is thinking clearly with what he does.

Rear Window is an inspirational Alfred Hitchcock film that came out in the year 1954. We are introduced to professional photographer, L.B. Jeffries (James Stewart) who has a broken leg. Spending all of his days inside his apartment with home care nurse Stella (Ritter) and girlfriend Lisa (Grace Kelly) life just gets boring by the day. However, one night a local neighbor and his wife get into a fight. The wife is no where to be scene from there and strange things start happening. A dog is killed for digging in a garden and the police claim they can do nothing about it. Did he kill his wife out of a rage? Or did his life pack up and leave him?

Rear Window has Thelma Ritter in one of her memorable supporting roles. As the home nurse she was able to bring a sense of comedy to a serious tone that kept audiences on the edge of their seat. Ultimately, Thelma Ritter may not be known by many people today, yet she created memorable roles that still inspire people today.

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