Pinocchio-1940-poster.jpgWalt Disneys Pinocchio taught everyone to ‘wish upon a star’. The fabled movie of a young wooden puppet becoming a real boy premiered on February 7, 1940 with it’s message clear. With Jiminy Cricket, Gepetto, and Pinocchio we are introduced to a clock maker who longs for a son. However, the unmarried Gepetto only has his pets: Cleo a fish and Figaro a cat. One night, Gepetto wishes upon a star for a son. The Blue Fairy comes down and rewards him by turning a wooden puppet he calls Pinocchio into one.

However, it is not all done yet, Pinocchio is still made of wood and finds himself into trouble. One day after not coming home from school Gepetto suspects something bad has happened to him and goes out looking for him. Unfortunately, for Pinocchio, Gepetto is right and he ended up on a journey of those who are bad influences. Instead of going to school, Pinocchio listened to Honest John who sent him Stromboli’s side show who kidnaps him. From there Pinocchio goes to an island where bad boys turn into donkeys and his lying causes his nose to grow. He is able to make it back home only to learn that Gepetto and the pets are trapped inside the whale Monstro. Taking on a journey one more time, Pinocchio goes to look for Gepetto, only to find himself trapped inside the whale as well. Will he be able to make it out?

Pinocchio is Walt Disney’s second masterpiece. This movie has inspired many people with the message of hope. There is nothing stronger in the film that follows Gepetto and Pinocchio as they face their fears with hope that they will see each other again. Pinoccip is one classic that will live on forever in with the message to wish upon a star.


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