The Shining

The Shining poster.jpgFebruary 6, 1978 an epic blizzard hit New England. Covering the states of: Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut with over three feet of snow, it was a storm like no other. They did know that some snow was coming, but not the amount that came when it did. In the 1980 film, The Shining a family is trapped in a hotel, much like the people who were trapped in their homes, cars, work, etc., when this legendary storm hit. The Torrance family moves into a recluse hotel so the father can be a caretaker during the winter only for things to go a rye.

When we are introduced to the Torrance family we learn that there is tension between the Jack, the father, and Wendy, the mother. Jack is a struggling alcoholic who injured his son Danny in a drunken rage. Struggling to stay sober after losing his job and his marriage on the rocks, Jack takes a job at The Overlook Hotel. Hired as the caretaker, he starts to work on a book that he has been working on and things start to get back on track with his family. However, the hotel is haunted with spirits who play on Jack’s alcohol addiction leading him to consider doing the unthinkable to his family. But, not all is lost for Jack’s son Danny has a special power that he uses to his advantage to help his family survive. How far will hotel push Jack before he hits his breaking point? When will his wife realize that there is danger around every corner?  There is only so much Danny’s power can fend off the the spirits, even with help on the way.

The Shining came out in the year 1980 to terrify audiences every where. Imagine being trapped in a huge hotel with a person slowly descending into madness. The Torrance family being trapped at The Overlook hotel reminded me of the people who were stuck where they were when the Blizzard of 1978 hit. Growing up in New England, I still hear stories from people who lived through this disaster that threw three states into states of emergency. Luckily, those who were trapped were able to escape and continue on with their lives, unlike the Torrance family who were not as lucky.

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