2016 Reading Challenge Book #2: The Casual Vacancy

For the second book for the 2016 Reading Challenge, I chose to go with The Casual Vacancy by J.K. Rowling. This book is part of the 2000 to present book. In this dark comedy we are introduced to a town that is at war with itself. On the outside, the town of Pagford seems to be a quaint town that many people would want to live in. However, the sudden death of Barry Fairbrother, a member of the Pagford Parrish Council leads us into a war for his spot.

With his spot being open many people decide they want the spot that Barry had. There are many postings on the internet from some of the children whose parents are on the council. Although, these are accurate, they are proven to go a little far. There are affairs, unreported child abuse, and guilt all falling upon Andrew Price, the son of Simon Price a member on the council. The council seat is eventually filled, however, it is to the dismay of many people on the board.

The Casual Vacancy is J.K. Rowlings first novel away from the infamous Harry Potter books. Through this book Rowling is able to show a different side of her writing, while entertaining us with the hidden life of a small town. The Casual Vacancy is a book that I do look forward to reading in the future.


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