Lincoln 2012 Teaser Poster.jpgAbraham Lincoln is one of America’s best known presidents. The sixteenth president of the United States made great strides to make sure that slavery was outlawed leading to equality in America. In 2012, Abraham Lincoln was portrayed by Daniel Day-Lewis in the film Lincoln. Through this film we are brought behind closed doors into his life both personal and professional.

When the film opens up we see Abraham Lincoln visiting the union troops in the Civil War in 1865. Expecting the war to be over in a month, he reflects on the Emancipation Proclamation that he hopes will squash the thirteenth amendment. Through the rest of film we watch as he struggles with making sure that slavery is gone, yet he worries about getting the votes that he needs. During the film we watch as Lincoln’s close colleagues go to extra lengths to gain the votes they need. With help from the founder of the Republican party, Francis Preston Blair and his Secretary of State William Seward, he is able to use many tools to his advantage.  However, not all is good for Lincoln behind closed doors with his wife being mentally unstable. As time goes on he considers meeting the Confederate soldiers revealing that he will not reinstate slavery once the war is over. When the war does come to an end we witness the fateful night that Lincoln was assassinated while watching a play in the Ford theater.

Abraham Lincoln left behind a legacy that is remembered today. There are celebrations around America to remind us of what Lincoln did while in office. He face opposition and support at the same time America was divided in a war. In 2012, Lincoln came out to remind us of the challenges that he faced.


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