2016 Reading Challenge Book #3: It

It cover.jpgSteven King is one of my favorite authors of all time. His books bring your worse fears to life in stories where no one is safe. This is no different in the book that I picked for the 1980-1999 section for the 2016 reading challenge It. In this classic book by Stephen King your worse fears come to life in It. No one knows what is causing the mysterious murders around Derry, Maine except for seven kids.

The book is split into two different time periods the late 1950s and the year 1984, when the book takes place. In the flashback years we are introduced to the Losers: Ben, Beveryly, Eddie, Bill, Richie, Mike and Stan. All three look at themselves as outcasts who are picked on by the school bully Henry Bowers and his friends. Throughout the book we learn that It is able ot change its shape, mainly into Pennywise the clown. In Pennywise’s form, he kills Bill’s brother George leaving Bill’s family devastated. Later on the group of seven decide to go after It after learning that there is nothing stopping it except for a special ritual. However, on their venture into the hunt for It in the sewers, Henry Bower’s gang goes after them. All of this proves to be disastrous for Henry Bowers and his gang. The group of seven are able to make it out alive through using silver slugs that Bill had made. Making a promise that they will return if It ever comes back the group of seven goes their separate ways. Flash forward to 1984, when It has returned. The only one to stay behind is Mike, who follows the mysterious murders that have come again. Learning that It has returned, he contacts his old friends reminding them of their promise. All of them stay true to their promise, but will they be able to stop It once and for all this time facing the past along with their fears coming to life before their eyes.

When It was published in the year 1986, the book terrified audiences. Despite the length of the novel many people were intrigued with the story that follows this monster as it preys on children as the friendly clown Pennywise. Stephen King was able to bring a great fear to life through the murderous always changing It.

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