My Bloody Valentine (1981)

My bloody valentineposter.jpgThe phrase “my bloody Valentine” has been said over and over again. In the 1981 slasher film My Bloody Valentine we are brought into a small mining towns past. After twenty years, the small town of Valentines Bluff is celebrating Valentines Day for the first time. There was a horrific massacre that prevented Valentines Day from being celebrated. Unfortunately, there is someone who does not want this dance to happen and he is willing to kill for it.

Right in the first scene of the movie we are introduced into the lives of the miners. We are shown two miners who are underground, one is a woman who ends up getting killed by the killer .Later on we learn that the town of Valentines Bluff is ready to put the past behind them with a Valentines Day Dance. However, the mayor receives a human heart in a Valentines Day chocolate heart box. Remembering the terror that happened twenty years ago, he heads back into town to get the help that he needs. Once there they start talking about Harry Warden.

Harry Warden is somewhat of a legend around Valentines Bluff. He ended up trapped in a mining accident due to the negligence of two supervisors. All of the miners but Harry died on Valentines Day. One year later the supervisors found themselves at the mercy of Harry Warden when he kills the two of them. Afterwards, he was sentenced to an asylum by a judge. However, when the mayor and the town sheriff contact the asylum they claim to have no record of him. Meanwhile, there are a group of in love teenagers who are prepping for the dance. One by one they start to get picked off by Harry Warden. But is it really Harry or is it one of them?

My Bloody Valentine came out in the year 1981 as part of the slasher genre. Although, there was no real impression with the audience because it reflected many of the slasher films that had come out around the same time, it became influential . This is one classic that is sure to go down in film history.

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