Jefferson in Paris

Jefferson in paris ver2.jpgIn the United States to day is Presidents Day. A day to honor the forty-four men who have served, what is considered, the top job in America. In honor of Presidents Day, I have decided to do a post on Jefferson in Paris. This 1995 historical drama follows Thomas Jefferson when he was ambassador to France.

Many people know Thomas Jefferson as the third President of the United States. But, this movie gives us insight to his personal life in the years 1784 to 1789. Here we see that he is a widowed man who is accompanied by his two younger daughters to Versailles. All this happens during the backdrop of the French Revolution that is brewing in the background. There is hope that Jefferson will be able to sway the corruption away from King Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette. While all of this is going on he becomes attracted to Sally Hemmings. Later on they start an affair and she reveals to be pregnant with his child. Sally’s pregnancy by Jefferson is frowned upon by the staff of the household. At the end of the film, Jefferson agrees to free Sally and fellow slave James when he passes on.Jefferson receives word from George Washington about accepting the Secretary of State position. Jefferson takes the job and returns to America.

Jefferson in Paris was not enjoyable to me. It was rather boring and somewhat inaccurate. There were moments when I thought the film would pick up, however, it was boring.


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