Pollyanna [VHS] VHS ~ Jane Wyman, http://www.amazon.com/dp/6304285396/ref=cm_sw_r_pi_dp_wStxqb0A1GB9T: Pollyanna is one of my favorite films of all time. The story of a young girl who brings smiles to a New England town delighted audiences in 1960. Starring Hayley Mills in the title role, we are able to watch as this girl who always finds a reason to smile changes the life of everyone around her.

In the beginning of the movie we are introduced to Pollyanna Whittier. A young orphan who is sent to live with her Aunt Polly. When Pollyanna goes to her aunts house she learns that she is not quite as welcomed as she hopes. Yet, as each day goes by she gains the friendship of Nancy, the house’s head maid. The two of them start to enjoy their time together through daily walks and trips to the ice cream parlor. Pollyanna starts to make a difference in the lives of a cranky invalid woman, an adventurous orphan, an old man who is despised by much of the community, and a pastor who always seeks the wrong in people. These are just some of the people who Pollyanna has helped change. In the meantime, the orphanage in her grandfathers name is falling apart. Her Aunt Polly wants nothing more than to keep on repairing it. However, the repairs are getting to costly and the building has been deemed unfit. Due to her power in town Aunt Polly uses her influence over to stop a new orphanage. That is until a group of people decide to have a bazaar in hopes of raising money. All of this goes off without a hitch. That is until Pollyanna ends up in a tragic accident. This causes Aunt Polly to rethink her treatment of Pollyanna and the other members of the community. But, will Pollyanna be okay?

One of the stars of Pollyanna is Mary Grace Canfield. She portrays the always cranky maid, Angelica. On February 15, 2014 she passed away leaving behind a legacy that goes beyond Pollyanna. Angelica, like many of the other characters, are changed by Pollyanna’s out look on life for the better. Mary Grace Canfield was able to portray her perfectly as well as many other roles.


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