12 Angry Men

12 angry men.jpg12 Angry Men is a one of a kind movie. Twelve jurors are charged with the task of making the decision of whether or not a man goes on death row. The case is pretty much an open and shut case. While most of the men agree, there is one man who sees what the others are unable to see.

In the opening scene we are introduced to the eighteen year old defendant who is on trial for allegedly stabbing his father. When the jury is sent to deliberate they are all certain that he is guilty. That is with the exception of Juror #8 who says other wise. He points out there are many factors that the prosecution and the defense did not look into more. Some of the examples is of the witnesses of the crime and how they described it, such as a neighbor not wearing her glasses or the elderly gentleman upstairs who heard a loud bang. All of the evidence that Juror #8 brings forth annoys several of the men. Yet, the rest of them with the exception of Juror #3, start to see the error of their ways. The more there are questions that arise the more the guilty becomes not guilty. As the film comes to a close they are able to see that they are more concerned with their personal lives than doing their job as a jury. They realize that they do not have enough evidence to convict an eighteen year old of a murder that would condemn him to death.

12 Angry Men came out in 1957 leading people to question what is right and wrong. As the film goes on the men become more grouchy. February 16, is known as National Do A Grouch a Favor Day. The men in film did themselves a favor when they were able to look beyond their frustration to realizing the truth.


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