Ziegfeld Follies

ZiegfeldFollies.pngA little over a week ago I did a blog post on Anchors Aweigh in honor of Kathryn Grayson birthday. Today, I am doing a post on Ziegfeld Follies to mark the day that she passed on. In this 1946 classic, she portrays herself as a Ziegfeld girl. This movie is a collection of song and dance with some of MGM’s finest stars at the time. Ziegfeld Follies is unlike any movie that I have reviewed because there is no real plot to this fantastic movie. Mainly a revue with: Lucille Ball, Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers, Judy Garland, and more to delight to screen. However, none of the shined to me as bright as Kathryn Grayson did in her performance. Kathryn Grayson is one of the brightest singers to ever light up the screen. She passed away on February 17, 2010 with a legacy that still inspires many singers, actors, and performers today.


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