Saturday Night Fever

Saturday night fever movie poster.jpgToday one of the most iconic actors is turning another year older. John Travolta was born on February 18, 1954. In his honor, I have decided to do a post on one of his most iconic performances as Tony Manero in Saturday Night Fever. This 1977 classic quickly lead Travolta to fame.

Taking place in Brooklyn we are introduced to nineteen year old Tony. A young dancer he is known as the king at his local dance club, 2001 Odyssey. His four close friends encourage him, while there is, Annette, a girl who has caused friction between them. One day he agrees to be Annette’s partner for an upcoming contest at the dance club. But one night, he runs into a girl named Stephanie who he is instantly attracted to. After dancing with her, Stephanie rejects his advances, but eventually agrees to be his dance partner.

However, not all is going well for Tony in his personal life. His older brother Frank has left the priesthood bringing a sort of shame to the family. His close friend Bobby C. is trying to get out of a relationship with his Catholic girlfriend Pauline who is pregnant. Bobby C.’s pregnancy causes him to question whether he could receive dispensation from the Pope for an abortion. But, he is informed that it is unlikely. All of this is falling on Tony as he tries to move forward with his relationship with Stephanie, but things aren’t going so smoothly. Eventually, Tony does find his way in life after tragedy strikes.

Saturday Night Fever is one of the most parodied, enjoyed, and beloved films of all time. With John Travolta in one of his most famed leading roles, we watch as he becomes the King of the Dance Floor through out this film. John Travolta turns another year older today with many more iconic roles to come.


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