High Noon

High Noon poster.jpgStanley Kramer is one of the most influential film directors and producers of all time. On February 19, 2001 he passed away with a legacy of movies that are inspirational to everyone. One of those films is High Noon. He produced this western classic starring Gary Cooper and Grace Kelly in 1952.

Will Kane (Cooper) is a long time police marshal in New Mexico territory. He recently decided to marry Amy Fowler (Kelly) and settle down as a shopkeeper. Unfortunately, a criminal whom Will had arrested is set free on a legal technicality. Due to this Will has to prepare for the arrival of the felon in every way he can. He gets offers from some of the people in town, yet he feels that he can handle this on his own. All of this leads up to one of the most iconic scenes in movie history with Will Kane and the criminal walking down an empty street ready to fire at any time.

High Noon is a cinema masterpiece that has lead to inspire many movies. Produced by the legendary Stanley Kramer this film became a hit with audiences every where. Gary Cooper and Grace Kelly shine in this original western that we all know of.


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