Lilies of the Field

Original movie poster for the film Lilies of the Field.jpgSidney Poitier is a one of a kind actor. Portraying many different characters, he has been able to inspire many people to follow their dreams. On February 20, 1927 this inspiring actor was born. In 1963, he starred as Homer Smith in Lilies of the Field. This role led him to become the first African-American to win the award for Best Actor.

Lilies of the Field follows an unemployed construction worker Homer Smith (Poitier) as he heads out west to find work. One day his car overheats causing him to stop. While there he comes into the company of a group of Eastern European nuns who let him stay with them. Later on we learn that the head of the convent believe’s that he is sent by God to help them build a chapel that is desperately needed where they are. After some convincing, Homer agrees to start to work on the chapel. While all of this is going on Homer helps the nuns improve their English that they struggle with. However, Homer insists on building the chapel himself without any help. Yet, he ends up receiving help from the community when he convinces them to follow his lead on how the chapel is to be constructed. As the film comes to a close, the chapel is finished and is set to be dedicated that night. Later on Homer leaves to head on out west to find a new job in construction taking the knowledge that he has learned from the nuns and the townsfolk.

Lilies of the Field is quite a remarkable film to me. With Sidney Poitier in the lead role as Homer Smith we watch as he inspires the nuns, as well as, the many people around him. At the same time Homer is inspired by them as well. Through this 1963 classic, we are able to enjoy a film that has become beloved by many people around the world.


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