Sophie Scholl- The Final Days

Many people have never heard of Sophie Scholl. To me, she is a hero because she was willing to stand up for what she believed. Sophie Scholl was part of the White Rose, a peaceful resistance student group in Nazi Germany. Sophie and her friends were caught only for them to be executed on February 22, 1943. All of this is depicted in the 2005 German film Sophie Scholl- The Final Days. Showing what Sophie and her brother Hans and friend Christoph Probst went through before they were executed by the guillotine.

The movie starts out with introducing us to the White Rose resistance movement. Sophie, Hans, and Christoph Probst are preparing leaflets explaining their cause. The next day they are placing them around the University of Munich while most of the students are in class. They hope that they will be able to get the leaflets out before the bell rings. However, they are unsuccessful with Sophie throwing them and a janitor witnessing it. Through intense interrogation Sophie, Hans, and Christoph do what they can to convince the gestapo that they are not responsible. Yet, they are unsuccessful and locked up. All of this leads to a show trial where they are found guilty. In the final statement  in the film Sophie makes to the judge is to reassure him that he will be where she is standing. Sophie says good-bye to her parents as she heads off to the guillotine. The final words on the screen reveal what happened to the rest of the White Rose.

Sophie Scholl was twenty-three years old when she was tried and executed for treason. Today, she is remembered for being a heroine because of her stance. She, Hans Scholl, and Christoph Probst are all remembered for their bravery in a country where people were scared to take a stand. All of this proves that one person can make a difference.


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